Hi, I’m Daina.

And I’m so glad that you stopped by.

I am an Underwater and Drone Photographer. I use photography as a spark to ignite the soul to seek adventure and to connect with our natural environments.

Woman in the ocean taking a selfie

I was drawn to the underwater world at a young age. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from time spent  in Michigan where my family would spend long weekends in the summer. But living in the Midwest didn’t provide many opportunities the explore below the surface.

Growing up I dabbled in photography as a creative outlet. I experimented in a variety of styles and subject matters. Eventually, the majority of my photography occurred while on vacations focused on landscapes and wildlife.

woman laying in the desert

Even though I took my first underwater photo in college, it wasn’t until my 30’s that I completely fell in love with it and quickly became obsessed. This coincided with a leap-of-faith move from the Midwest to San Diego, California. Since moving I passed my PFI Recreational Freediving Certification as well as my PADI Open Water SCUBA certification.

Woman freediving looking at a starfish

My passion for being underwater is matched by my love for viewing coastlines from above. This led me to pursue drone photography, which I am Part 107 certified which allows me to fly commercially.

My goal is to help  create a sense of wonder for our oceans and wilderness. I  want to foster a connection so strong that it leaves you driven to be outdoors and to protect our beautiful world. To become a steward of nature while improving your quality of life.

 Bring a bit of the ocean or wilderness home with you by purchasing one of my prints.


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