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Sparking Wonder
+ Creating Connections

creating a spark

My goal is to help create a sense of wonder for our oceans and wilderness and I partner with people & organizations that seek the same. I  want to foster a connection so strong that it leaves others driven to protect our beautiful world. 

I partner with organizations & people who know the importance of creating a deep connection to our natural world and protecting it. In addition to video and photography licensing my services include:

  • Drone Pilot Services
  • Conservation Story Telling
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Social Media Collabs
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Coaching
A breathtaking aerial view of a majestic humpback whale swimming gracefully in the sparkling azure waters. Its massive, sleek body dominates the frame, displaying a mottled pattern of dark and light gray hues along its back. The whale's characteristic knobby head is visible, along with its blow hole as it exhales a fine mist of water. It is creating a stunning spectacle of power and beauty.


  • FAA Part 107 
  • PADI Open Water
  • PFI Recreational Freediving

Licensing Video
+ Photo

I am represented by Tandem Stills + Motion , a leading visual media company that provides photography and motion picture content for the nature, outdoor adventure, healthy living, and travel industries. You can find some of my videos and photos available for rights managed licensing for professional applications including editorial, advertising, corporate and non-profit use. If there are specific images you’d like to license that are not in the Tandem Stills + Motion collection, or if you would like to license images for a custom use let’s chat!

Beach scene at sunset, baby sea turtles in the foreground and breaking waves in the background.

License this image with Tandem Stills + Motion

Drone Pilot Services

Hire me as an extra pilot or Drone Pilot in Command. I offer hourly, half-day, and full-day rates. I’m part 107 licensed and I have hundreds of hours of flight and thousands of miles flown, mostly over open water filming large marine mammals.  

Tell me about your project (location, goal of project, timeline etc) and I can provide an estimate.

A woman looking at a drone monitor while standing on a beach

Social Media Collaborations

My online community of over 100,000 is made up of people who are passionate about marine animals, connecting with the outdoors, and looking for ways to get involved with conservation projects.

Tell me about your campaign or idea and let’s make something impactful.

Other Ways to Work Together

Conservation Story Telling

I can tell your conservation story through video, photos, and writing.

Brand Ambassadorship

I can organically highlight your eco-friendly brand, product, or service.


I can hop on a video call with you to answer any drone, editing, or photography-related questions.

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