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Hi! I’m Daina, a Chicago native turned Southern Californian. I didn’t quit my job to travel, but my limited vacation days can’t stop me from finding adventures both abroad and near.  Adventure is out there, you just have to know where to look for it.

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Weekend Getaway: Things to do in Los Angeles, California

An Instagram friend (shout out to @arsalanxx) recently asked me for suggestions for things to do in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. He is visiting each city for the first-time, so I figured a Weekend Getaway post for things to do in Los Angeles (other cities...

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Our Amazing Cross Country Road Trip

A little over a year ago Ryan and I began our cross country trek to our new life in San Diego. How that year went by so quickly is beyond me, but here we are and I have yet to share photos from our week-long journey. Gothenburg, Nebraska Our first touristy stop along...

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Photo Break – The Beauty of Thailand

In 2011 we spent 10 days in the beautiful country of Thailand.  Starting out in the cool, lush mountains of the North in Chiang Mai, flying down to the tropical beaches of the South in the Krabi region and ending with a brief stay in bustling Bangkok. Nothing less...

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