7 Unique Ways to Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holidays ranks pretty high for ways to increase your holiday stress. From larger crowds to weather delays, holiday travel stress seems inevitable. But is it? I reached out to my fellow travel bloggers to see what tips they could offer to ensure a stress-free holiday travel season and I’m so happy with the unique tips I received. Read on to find out more!

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How I Earned 2 Years of Free Flights with a Southwest Companion Pass

Some people have a natural ability to manipulate points to their best advantage. I am not that person. Airline points are like calculus to me. It generally goes right over my head. So how, then, did an airline points dummy like me manage to fly Southwest for free nearly two years? Not only did I fly for free, but Ryan flew for free anytime he traveled with me.

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Weekend Getaway: Things to do in Santa Fe

New Mexico is one of those under the radar states in the US and Santa Fe has long been thought as a jaunt for those of a retirement age ready to lay some serious cash for one of a kind art pieces. A weekend getaway to Santa Fe promised to be filled with it’s charming adobe buildings, its own style of Southwestern cuisine (oh wow is it spicy) it’s bursting art scene, and easy access to outdoor activities.

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Weekend Getaway: Camping in Joshua Tree National Park

Only a couple hours from tinsel town, Joshua Tree National Park transports you to a landscape like nowhere else on this planet. From twinkling night skies to hiking among fuzzy Joshua Trees and boulders the size of buildings, it’s easy to spend a weekend camping here. The only thing left on your to-do list after a weekend getaway to camp in Joshua Tree National Park is to plan your return trip.

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Announcing Our Liebster Award

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, a blogging award! What is the Liebster Award? It is a virtual award that is given from one blogger to another, to support, recognize and promote the work of fellow bloggers. I would like to thank Angela of Global Gadding...

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New Zealand South Island 2 Week Road Trip: Our Itinerary

A 2 week road trip on New Zealand’s picturesque South Island beckons nature and adventure enthusiasts. The unending fields of rolling green hills, snow covered mountains, electric blue lakes, sky piercing fjordlands, and beautiful coastline make this an easy addition to anyone’s bucket list destination.

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10 Steps for How to Travel with Carry-on Only

There are few things more freeing than travel with carry-on only luggage. You know your bags won’t get lost, you can breeze out of the airport without having to wait for checked bags, and maneuvering through crowds is less intimidating. Less stuff equals less hassle. And while that phrase can be applied to life in general, it is particularly poignant when we talk about traveling.

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My Favorite Photo Editing Apps for Travelers

Hauling expensive and heavy photo gear is not always practical so sometimes I’m left to rely on my iPhone camera to capture priceless travel moments that require more than the GoPro. Luckily we live in an age where robust apps can up the quality of your photos and improve your photo game.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Daina, a Chicago native turned Southern Californian. I was drawn to the underwater world at a young age and started dabbling in underwater photography in the last five years. My photography journey has taken me to many beautiful places, but physically and mentally.
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