Dog Sledding Pagosa Springs Colorado

While planning our snowboarding trip to Pagosa Spring, Colorado, it dawned on me that I should look into dog sledding. It kept popping up in my Instagram feed and looks like the perfect winter activity. Luckily, I found a dog sled operator in Pagosa Springs – Pagosa Dog Sled. After finding a discount online for the adventure, I was ready to book.

Things to keep in mind before booking your trip:

  • If it’s later in the season,  the dogs will be worn out from weeks of daily runs. We were there in their 6 week of the season and we were told the dogs were slower due to this
  • If the temperature is about 15 degrees the dogs will run slower due to their thick fur coats. It was 20 degrees when we went and you could tell the dogs were getting warm
  • If the group is larger than 4 people, the overflow will be seated in the back sled

Our group was larger, a family of 4, the two of us and, and the musher guide. Needless to say I was a bit underwhelmed with the experience due to our placement on the sled (the very back sled), not being able to hear the guide who was talking in the front sled (it almost felt like we were forgotten in the back), and not being able to even see the dogs pull us for my vantage point until we turned a corner. For all I could tell, we were being pulled by a lawn mower, but in a ridiculously beautiful setting.  Would I recommend this to someone? Yes, but only if they were in a group smaller than 4 people and early in the season.  I still enjoyed my time, but not enough to feel like it justified the high cost ($175/person with discount).

Regardless of the underwhelming experience, I was able to get some nice photos of our time.


Dog Sledding in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Chilling in the back sled, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and wondering what the guide is talking about so let’s take a selfie.


Dog Sledding in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Half way through the adventure the dad of the family and Ryan switched driving positions on the sleds. Ryan was finally able to hear the guide give the commands for driving the sled.


Dog Sledding in Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Finally, three quarters of the way through the dad of the family asked if I would like to switch spots with his daughter. Which I’m glad he did because the experience improved a bunch.  I was also saved from looking like a jerk adult kicking a kid out of the best seat on the sled.


Rewarding the Sled Dogs with pets
I’d say the highlight of the adventure was rewarding the dogs at the very end with lots of petting and attention. They obliged with their perfectly photogenic fuzzy faces.


Holding Alaskan Malamute Puppy
Oh ya, and I got to hold this fluff ball of a 6 week old puppy Alaskan Malamute. 


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