It’s that gift giving time of year again. I’ve rounded up 15 travel related gifts ideas that I think would make any traveler happy and won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone that loves to travel, these items will please the avid traveler.

  1. Sleeping Mask and Ear Plugs

    Being able to block out the light and muffle the noise comes in handy whether you are on a long-haul flight or a short trip.  These make great gifts for new parents too. Actually I think that everyone should own a set of these to get some rest in a pinch.

  2. Router Extender and Outlet Converter with USB port

    Know someone that needs the internet like they need water? Get them a travel router that can improve their connection.  Bonus points for this one because it has outlet converters and USB charging ports. So much functionality in such a small package.

  3. Headphone Splitter

    If you or someone you know travels with a companion frequently, headphone splitters are a must so you can watch movies on your tablet or phone together. Why get a boring one when you can get a splitter that looks like a robot?

  4.  Luggage Scale

    Now that most airlines charge an arm and a leg for overweight bags this is for those people that just can’t help themselves to souvenirs when traveling to give them a better idea of just how much space they really do have left for more trinkets. Avoid sticker shock at the airport with this gadget.

  5.  Portable Electronics Charger

    This is a must for travelers that barely rest their heads on their pillows.  With phones now serving as cameras, batteries are sure to run out before the end of the day.  This handy pocket charger helps keep that phone photographer going all day and evening long.

  6. Inflatable Travel Pillow

    I’ve never been a fan of the u-shaped neck pillows because all they do is uncomfortably push my head forward. Yes, this looks ridiculous and blowing this pillow up is sure to win you some serious side-eye from your fellow passengers, but this cross-body inflatable pillow is not only comfortable, but compact.

  7. Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

    Any frequent traveler knows that a scarf is one of the best items to bring with you due to its versatility. This scarf is handy since it has a secret compartment for things like your passport and boarding pass.

  8.  Travel Shoe Bag

    It’s happened to the best of us, we do an awesome job packing and maybe put our shoes in last or first only to open our luggage at our destination to find dirt all over your favorite clothing item. The horror! Avoid all the fuss with the travel shoe bag.

  9.  Bag Organizer Insert

    Ladies, and some of you gents out there, if you pack your purse/shoulder bag anything like I do when traveling then this will surely be a life saver when you are looking for your boarding pass or ID, which always seem to fall to the bottom of your bag.

  10. Fast Drying Compact Towel

    Towels are probably one of the worst things you can pack when traveling.  They take up a ton of space and always take forever to dry.  Not with this towel, super compact and dries so fast I almost didn’t believe it.

  11. Packing Cubes

    I’m new to packing cubes, but boy do I love them.  They help to keep luggage nice and organized.

  12. Compression Bag

    These things are like magic.  I can fit twice the amount of clothing, depending on the pieces, while packing (not that I recommend that you over pack). Comes in handy for longer trips with no checked luggage.

  13. Survival Flashlight AM/FM Radio

    If you know anyone that is a hardcore road tripper, get this for them.  A necessary tool to help if they should ever need it.

  14. First Aid Kit

    A travel size first-aid kit is a necessity in my mind.  I always bring one with us when we travel and I have used them on numerous occasions, including helping strangers out.

  15. Compression Socks

    Sexy, no? While not the most fun travel accessory, compression socks help with blood circulation on flights and reduces swelling of the feet (eeeewwwww). Can come in handy for those really long-haul flights to Asia and Europe.

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